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Realtor, Entrepreneur, Photographer, Garden Enthusiast and a vast knowledge of Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas. As an agent this is what I bring to you.

Born and raised in this great State of Michigan gives me a grand knowledge of what not only my immediate area has to offer but what this great state has to offer. I know this state like the back of my hand (no pun intended)

I was drawn to the charm and unique character of this area over 20 years ago, and it never ceases to amaze me. If you are seeking some “I didn’t know this existed” experiences I might just have some.  I still co-own a small local business in downtown Ann Arbor, since 1999 and love the vibrancy of the city. I love this area and all the surrounding areas and I want you to love it just as much.

When someone asks me: why a realtor? My response is one typically they have never thought of and it starts with: What does owning a home mean to me? To me owning a home gives me the opportunity to explore my creative self, to learn about who I am and what I desire. My home is outward expression of who I am and it is ever changing. That experience is life and the homes we live in are ours for a short time, then we pass them along well cared for, with just a little bit of ourselves reflected in there appearance to the next generations.